Hello and welcome to Slick Sketch! We hope to provide you with the best service avaliable in the Design Industry. Being a smaller company, we have the flexibility to provide you with quality service. From Website Design to Computer Repair, we offer it all. We specialize in Web Development in order to make you known to the public and to boost your sales. Need an ad drawn up for your next marketing scheme? You have come to the right place! Here we offer custom ad design. Just give us your ideas, and we will make them come to life before your eyes! Last but not least, we offer a range of in-house computer services. From the old computer that drags like a turtle, to the new computer that is sick with a virus, we cover it all! Thank you for checking out our site and if you have any questions just ask! All advice is free! Welcome to Slick Sketch!  

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We offer one FREE consultation per client for one hour. If you don't know where to start or you are not really sure of what services you need, all advice is free and it would be our pleasure to help! Contact Us for more information.

  What is a solution that doesn't solve the problem for you? Failure. We hope to provide the best solution for your money that will help your business grow in a tough economy.

Heard of the SandBox?
This is a place we have for sites under development. Check it Out!

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